Dark Angel

20 icons in 20 days

Dark Angel. 20 icons in 20 days
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The basic part of a 20in20 is that you are making 20 icons in 20 days. DarkAngel20in20 requires icons from James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee's Dark Angel.

I didn't come up with this style of icontest. That credit goes to celeb20in20 -- the original 20in20 challenge.


Check out the sign up post!

You don't have to choose a character/episode/pairing to focus on, unless it's part of the challenge, or the sign-ups for the moth require you to claim a character/episode/pairing.


These will be given out for:

+ Best icon for each theme.
+ Best set of category icons.
+ Best set of artist's choice icons.
+ Top 3 category icons.
+ Top 3 artist's choice icons.
and maybe even a mod's choice.


+ You must be signed up to participate. If you missed sign-ups for this month, friend the community and stick around for the fantasmic icons, voting, and next month's challenge.

+ Challenges will run from the 1st of the month until the 20th at midnight. (This is where your individual timezones come in to play. No matter where you are, the challenge will end for you at midnight on the 20th.)

+ ICON POSTS MUST BE PUBLIC UNTIL VOTING IS CLOSED. You are allowed to either post here to the community, or at your own journal/icon journal.

+ Icons must all be new and made specifically for this challenge.

+ Icons must fit Livejournal standards. (No larger than 100x100 and 40kb.) NO ANIMATION.

+ Let's keep things PG-13, please. If you are unsure whether an icon would be okay, feel free to ask.

+ Post with only 3 teaser icons. Everything else should be below a cut or after a link. If you post them elsewhere, again, please remember that the post must be PUBLIC until the end of the month.

+ You don't have to worry about tagging. I'll take care of it for you.

+ Please try and comment on each other's posts. You know how much you enjoy receiving feedback, so be sure to give as well as just waiting to receive.

+ Voting will go up after the challenge closes.

+ Sign ups for the following challenge will typically be posted approximately 10 days before the beginning of the next month/challenge.


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