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02 April 2010 @ 11:22 am

(the following rules have been ganked and twisted accordingly to my satisfaction from whedon20in20)


. You must be signed up and have your name listed here to participate. You have until the day before the challenge ends to sign up and complete your table if you've been on the fence.

. Challenges will be run from the 1st of the month until the 20th at midnight MST.

. ICONS MUST BE PUBLIC UNTIL VOTING IS CLOSED. You may post here at the comm or to your personal journal, but the post should remain unlocked until the duration of the challenge.

. Icons must be new and made specifically for this challenge.

. Icons must fit LJ standards (no larger than 100x100 and 40kb). Animation is NOT allowed.

. Please post with three teaser icons.

. Please try and comment on each other's posts and spread the love.

Your first 10 icons will illustrate the following themes:


1. Exposure - The icon must be set somewhere outside.

2. Red - The icon needs to have red somewhere in it. I can be the whole icon, the word red, ect.

3. Lesbian Witchcraft - Icon featuring Original Cindy.

4. Brotherly Love - This could be Max + a brother, Syl + a brother, Tinga + a brother, any brother combinations you can think of. Should generally be platonic themed. Manips are alowed if you would like to use a brother not featured in the show.

5. Rollerboy - Icon featuring Logan in his wheelchair.

6. Where'd you go? - There are a few charcters who disapear off the show with no warning. Icon them. (i.e. Herbal Thought, Asha, Druid...)

7. Proof of Purchase - Barcode must be somewhere in the icon.

8. Made too Pretty - Icon the prettiness of the Manticore alumi. X's only.

9. Leg Work - A crop from the torso down.

10. I was nine at the time - Flashback icon to the kids in Manticore before the escape.


"My Lest Favorite Because..."
The icons for this category should all revolve around the character you listed when you signed up. Character bashing is alowed if you choose to do so, but the main focus of this challenge is to feature this character.



Any questions? Feel free to ask.
Need an example? I can find one for you.
The main rule is to have fun and support each other!
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got-no-strings: Alec/Max -got_no_strings on April 16th, 2010 04:11 am (UTC)
Thanks for quick reply :)