April 30th, 2010

gen :: staire


First, I want to appologies how long it's taken to get the winners of Round One up. Lack of votes forced me to ask my brother to vote, and so the Category Winners can thank him :D. Alost lack of time, I'm hella busy at the moment :is sheepish:.

Sign ups for Round Three will be up sometime this weekend (if I have time), also, we only have one entry so far for Round Two, so if you haven't signed up, or haven't entered your icons, please do so!

Also, zarajade123, you're bandwith has exceeded, so you're banners don't have your icons on them (my bad, so my bad), if you want to send me the images I can fic the banners for you, otherwise it's just a pretty banner with your name on it :D

Let me know if I made any mistakes, and please upload to your own servers.

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